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Our Accomplishments

We are proud of all we’ve done and continue to do. The Dean Democratic Club has been one of the most active, involved Democratic clubs in Santa Clara County.  Here are our accomplishments, year by year:


Endorsed Candidates:

  • Jerry McNerney, Congress district 9: reception June 6 with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo; raised $13,000
  • Russ Feingold, candidate for Senate, Wisconsin: fundraiser Oct 4, raised at least $13,000
  • Tim Orozco, San Jose City Council, district 4: 3 members walked 62 hours (one did 43 hours)

Issues Addressed

DISCLOSE Act/AB700/Clean Money: at least 12 members, ~700 hrs, one member is regional volunteer coordinator (at least 500 hrs): mailings, phonebanks, signature gathering at farmers markets etc., lobbying in Sacramento, local fundraiser Nov 15, training Dec 5; Feb 28 statewide summit: 2 members, at least 6 person-days; club $ to state party convention Clean Money booth

Anti-fracking: Letter to Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, February

Lehigh Cement: Letter to San Jose Mercury News; comments to Asst Atty General in Environmental & Natural Resources Division

Human trafficking: at least 100 letters to local officials written at club meeting with Sally Lieber

Delta tunnels: comments to BDCP/Water, October

Voter registration: 4 volunteers including local organizer (70 hours); 104 hours; total 76 voters (24% of county party total effort)

Democratic Party participation:

  • County: annual dinner planning, full-page ad, 2 full tables; presence at monthly meetings, including club report; table at
    all-clubs picnic, 4 new members
  • State: 10 members (plus 8 for whom we’re not primary club) elected to state party (attended annual convention);
  • Club environmental group drafted and got water plank into state party platform

National DFA retreat April 11, Jim Dean and others: co-sponsorship, at least a dozen members attended, several worked on event

Club Events:

  • Annual picnic & election of officers June 20; 19 electeds & their representatives attended
  • Raised $3,335 in contributions to fund club’s political donations & expenses, including at these events:
  • Club fundraiser & outreach event: Wildflower Walk, March 22, raised $520 for club, 4 new members
  • Club fundraiser & outreach event: Environment task force organized a Cinco de Mayo-themed Master Gardener talk and showcase organic garden tour May 2, raised $910 for club, 2 new members
  • Monthly meetings with speakers including State Senator Jim Beall, State Senator Jerry Hill, Supervisor Joe Simitian; former Assemblymember/Speaker pro tem Sally Lieber on human trafficking; movie nights: Gasland II, Citizen Four; discussions of Prop 13 reform, Carbon Free Palo Alto, and With Liberty and Dividends for All
  • Splendid new club website! Still at

Club Goals for 2015 (vote totals in parentheses, as ranked at our Jan.26 working meeting)

  1. Good Government (41): Pass the DISCLOSE Act; overturn top-two primary; gather signatures for ballot initiative to get rid of 2/3 majority for finance issues; advocate for cleaning up corruption at the PUC; support a bill to make it easier for military & overseas voters to participate in a runoff; point sheet for labor on benefits of the DISCLOSE Act; more (see above for accomplishments!)
  2. Economic Justice (35): raise minimum wage in CA; support public banking; work to reduce college tuition
  3. Environment (34): Protect Clean Air & Water; work to stop oil trains from coming down the Peninsula or the Bay; support anti-fracking measure for Santa Clara County; work against climate change   (see above for accomplishments!)
  4. Social/Criminal Justice (17): work to demilitarize police, end racial profiling & police brutality; send letter to Sen. Feinstein thanking her for insisting on getting CIA torture report out
  5. Club Building (13) hold a retreat; raise $7500 for club in 2015-16 budget cycle (raised $1430 so far); beef up club membership in Honda’s district; get 50 more paid members (got 44!); increase Facebook to 500; club fundraiser (2!); use MeetUp to find new young Dems
  6. Candidates/Campaigns (12): get Michael Eggman &Amanda Renteria elected; work to develop a Democratic club (esp.DFA) & voter registration in Eggman’s district; invite Jim & Howard Dean to help elect progressives here; promote more club participation in county’s endorsements; recruit progressive women to run for office
  7. Outreach (10): increase relationship with Working Partnerships, invite Derecka Mehrens (DONE in 2016); encourage members to run as delegates; change meeting dates to avoid conflicts with other clubs DONE



Endorsed candidates & ballot initiatives

At least 21 members active; at least 541 hours walking, at least 132 hours phoning, hundreds of hrs organizing, thousands raised; more

  • Ami Bera, Congress district 7: 9 members, 102 hours doorbell ringing (not counting 5-hour round trip to district), 2 hours phoning, cosponsored fundraiser ($14.5K)
  • Mike Honda, Congress district 17: 7 members (one not primary club) ringing doorbells, 207 hours; at least 4 members phoned (72 hours); another hosted campaign staffer for 15 months; 3 others did office work & research (86 hours total)
  • Jerry McNerney, Congress district 9: some phonebanking at county party HQ
  • Michael Eggman, Congress district 10, primary & general: 11 members, 94 hours doorbell ringing (not counting 3-hour round trip to district); club fundraiser $6500; cosponsored fundraiser $
  • Amanda Renteria, Congress district 21: 1 member rang doorbells; club cosponsored fundraiser July 27, ~$8K; some phonebanking at county party HQ
  • Dave Jones, insurance commissioner: cosponsored fundraiser $18K
  • Dave Cortese, San Jose mayor, primary & general: 2 members rang doorbells, 34 hrs; one phoned, 50 hrs; ofc 30 hrs
  • Other candidates (Fong, Wieckowski, Stone, local races): at least 2 members, mostly doorbells
  • Sunnyvale recall: 3 members, one of them (not primary club) massive involvement, many hours
  • DISCLOSE Act (SB52Fair Elections: 10 members, at least 761 hours: one member was local lead (500 hrs); 2 members organized including phonebanks, January statewide summit; at least 5 members lobbied in Sacramento (2 trips), at least 5 gathered signatures in support
  • Move to Amend: one member was local lead (350 hrs), others also got signatures; cosponsored fundraiser April 19: $2K
  • Anti-fracking: One member campaigned for winning San Benito county Measure J (many visits); 3 members marched in Sacramento

Voter registration: 7 volunteers, including one organizer (48 hrs); 96 hours total

Democratic Party participation:
County: annual dinner planning, full-page ad, full table; monthly meetings, including club report; key participation (several members) in 2 campaign headquarters August-November; all-clubs picnic
: 9 members (plus 8 for whom we’re not primary club) participated in annual convention; 2 members on executive board


  • Annual picnic & election of officers June 21; several electeds & their representatives attended
  • Club fundraiser at the studio of environmental mixed media artist Linda Gass June 7: almost $1000
  • Obama’s State of the Union speech champagne brunch watch party
  • Monthly meetings with speakers incl. x ; discussions of ballot measures; more

Club Goals for 2014

  1. Candidates (40): election Michael Eggman, re-elect Honda, McNerney, Bera, also Ruiz, Capp, Brownley, Peters; recruit more women to run for office; more; see above for accomplishments!
  2. Social Justice (34): Support low-cost housing for seniors; support single-payer healthcare, more
  3. Environment (28):
    Current: Stop fracking in CA (see involvement above); monitor & support Palo Alto anaerobic digester (ongoing); monitor the situation with the Lehigh cement plant (ongoing); use this year’s campaigns to raise awareness re environmental issues
    Perennial: Learn about & monitor CA water issues; energy issues, including anything related to climate change; wildlands, wilderness, and agriculture issues; monitor accountability of local officials on environmental issues
  4. Goverment Accountability (7): Further campaign finance reform, including passing the DISCLOSE Act (SB52)(see above for accomplishments!); strengthen our relationships with legislators & do more advocacy; lobby city councils & county boards for our legislative goals . . .
  5. Club Support (6) Fundraise (almost $1000!) & increase membership (net gain 14 in 2014! Facebook signups continue to increase, now 388); hold a speaker series to support our club; work on messaging & public relations
  6. State Issues (1)
  7. Research (1)



Endorsed candidates & ballot initiatives

  • Barack Obama: well-attended Inauguration watch party/champagne brunch January 21 at Alice’s home
  • Mike Honda: endorsed and adopted; cosponsored fundraiser July 28 ($13+K); member phonebanked 15 hrs
  • McNerney: event Apr 20 at Alice’s ($7+K, 79 attendees incl.Honda); cosponsored Dec7 Palo Alto event (~$5K)
  • Michael Eggman, endorsed and adopted; sponsored fundraiser December 14 with Zoe Lofgren, raised $2700+
  • Rich Gordon, organized and cohosted annual garden party at Greg Loew’s June 23
  • Sunnyvale city council candidates Jim Griffith and Gustav Larsson: a member rang doorbells for Larsson (5 hrs);
  • gun control Measure C: 4 members delivered literature (26 hrs), 3 phonebanked (9 hrs), another delivered yard signs, as well as a major Measure C organizer’s (not primary club) huge commitment

DISCLOSE Act (SB52:)/Fair Elections: 4 members lobbied in Sacramento April 30, at least 4 got signatures for months in support of the bill; at least 3 members phoned; 3 members tabled at Netroots Nation; a member plays a major statewide organizing role (~1000 hours), including organizing 3 regional events supported (food donations, other volunteering) and attended by other members; March program meeting topic
Voter registration: 8 volunteers, 33 hours, plus one major organizer (67 hours)
Democratic Party participation:
: monthly meetings, including club report; participation in campaign HQ; all-clubs picnic, holiday party
: 9 members elected/appointed, plus 7 for whom we ’re not primary club, participated in annual convention; 2 members on executive board; club qualifies for 3 delegates for 2014 endorsement caucuses


  • Outreach and membership recruitment events:
    Environment task force organized a Cinco de Mayo-themed Master Gardener talk and showcase organic garden tour May 5, raised $1000 for club, 3 new members
    ice cream social Oct 26 at Alice’s with local electeds and live phone call with Congressman Mike Honda, raised $325 for club, 12 new members
    thriving Facebook page, 80 new signups this year, including some who joined club; see item 5 belo
  • Cosponsored fundraiser for Progressives United with Russ Feingold April 27, Stephanie’s home
  • National DFA: members attended fundraiser in San Francisco with Howard Dean
  • Annual picnic & election of officers June 9; several electeds & their representatives attended
  • Environment task force organized well-attended meetings on fracking , CEQA, Delta peripheral tunnels
  • More monthly meetings (speakers) including Michael Eggman; ranked choice voting, immigration, gun violence

Club Goals for 2013

  1. Candidates/Campaigns/Issues (25 votes)
    Encourage Jose Hernandez to run again (and work on base building in his district) (note: letter in Jan; Jose opted out, we’re supporting Michael Eggman); support the Constitutional amendment to reduce the 2/3 requirement to pass parcel taxes for school districts (Leno/Pavley/Hill); lobby the state government to change the 2/3 majority required for revenue; support marriage equality and human rights; fundraisers (several!); help elect Democrats to secretary of state positions; support progressive candidates for local city councils (done! two victories in Sunnyvale); support Dem.Vol.Center committee to prepare for 2014 (several members involved); gun safety legislation (Sunnyvale Measure C passed 2:1, see above); death penalty repeal; immigration reform
  2. Campaign finance reform (23 votes) CA DISCLOSE Act (see above); SCC Move to Amend (endorsed; March program with speakers; members involved in local organization)
  3. Environment (21 votes)
    California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) protection (Feb program; 4 members lobbied in Sacramento March 12; endorsed opposition to weakening; letters to co.supes); Lehigh plant in Cupertino (letters to co.Supes); anaerobic digester in Palo Alto (a member monitors), Cargill development in Redwood City (monitoring); fracking (see above; endorsed ban); water rates (San Jose) (see above; also Delta tunnels issue: program, petition, rally cosponsoring, public comments, LTEs)
  4. Healthcare and Social Security (19 votes)
    Obamacare; single-payer health care in California; Social Security payroll cap; resist Medicare age raise; Planned Parenthood; veterans’ healthcare
  5. Club support (15 votes)
    Hold a fundraiser for the club (two!); beef up membership (new members: 2013: +31 (and fewer in arrears than \previously); 2012: +19; 2011: +11); raise money for club infrastructure and overhead (see outreach, above; we’re ahead on our 2013 fundraising goal)
  6. Voter registration and voter rights (14 votes): see above re voter reg activity
    Work on base building in Hernandez’ district, including voter registration; lobby the Justice Dept to go after states that tried to deny voting rights; lobby DFA to fight voter suppression; support voter reg. drives; write to utility companies to ask them to remind people to register to vote when they move; perhaps Palo Alto as pilot


Endorsed candidates & ballot initiatives: at least 24 members; over 1000 hours walking, nearly 400 hours phoning:

  • Barack Obama: 3 members rang doorbells in Reno (2 also did voter protection & training), 80 hrs; at least 9 members phoned (65 hours), walking locally was combined with ballot propositions; one member raised over $600K for Obama’s re-election
  • Ami Bera, Congress district 7: 11 members, 252 hours doorbell ringing (not counting 4.5-hour round trip to district), 18 hours phoning, cosponsored 2 fundraisers ($20K total)
  • Jerry McNerney, Congress district 9: major fundraiser April 28, $18K (club record for one event)
  • Jose Hernandez, Congress district 10, primary & general: 7 members, 132 hours doorbell ringing (not counting 3-hour round trip to district), 18 hours phoning; cosponsored meet ‘n’ greet
  • Jim Beall, State Senate 15, primary & general: 6 members, 203 hours ringing doorbells, one member rang 3300 doorbells; 40 hours phoning
  • Sally Lieber, State Senate 13, primary & general: 9 members, 118 hours, mostly doorbells; 4 gatherings
  • Other candidates (Paul Fong, Mike Honda, Otto Lee, Bill Monning, Mark Stone): at least 3 members, 77 hours, mostly doorbells
  • Ballot propositions: at least 12 members: 435 hours walking, plus club member organized north county precincting; 240 hours phoning

The Club donated to campaigns of Bera, McNerney, Hernandez, Lieber, Beall, Lee, Fong, Rich Gordon, Monning, Fran Pavley, Ken Cooley, Adam Gray ,Ed Chau, Jose Medina, Cathleen Galgiani, Richard Roth, Yes on 30, No on 32; much more from individual members besides.

DISCLOSE Act (AB 1648)/Fair Elections: 2 members organized including phonebanks, 6 members lobbied in Sacramento (2 trips), at least 4 got signatures in support of the bill, several participated in January statewide summit locallym including planning; benefit featuring Russ Feingold May 19, planning, hosting; raised $16K, 130 attended.

Voter registration: 6 volunteers, including one organizer; at least 190 hours

Democratic Party participation:

  • County: annual dinner planning, full-page ad, 2 tables; monthly meetings, including club report; key participation in 2 campaign headquarters August-November; all-clubs picnic, holiday party
  • State: 9 members (plus 8 for whom we’re not primary club) participated in annual convention;one member on executive board (Platform committee)
  • National (DNC): 4 delegates elected to National Convention in Charlotte NC


  • annual picnic & election of officers June 9; several electeds & their representatives attended
  • monthly meetings: speakers including Jose Hernandez; convention & debate watch parties; ballot measure discussions; other issues


Club Goals for 2012 (votes are taken on a weighted system)

1.    Elections (63 votes): voter registration; re-elect Obama/Biden, McNerney, Eshoo, Lofgren, Honda, Speier, Feinstein etc.; elect Ami Bera, Elizabeth Warren; win back House and expand Democratic majority in Senate; support Democratic candidates for State Senate DONE
2.    Campaign Finance Reform (44 votes): Disclose Act AB1148; oppose voter ID laws in other states; find ways to curtail activity and influence of lobbyists; National Disclose Act and Fair Elections Now Act; overturn top-two primary system in CA; reform of initiative process Hundreds of signatures; lobbying in Sacramento 
3.    Club Development(13 votes): Raise money; increase club membership; improve club communication and outreach; get methodology for measuring goal effectiveness; create presence on YouTube; get members elected delegate to Democratic National Convention; more 20 new members; 4 delegates to national convention
4.    Tax Reform (11 votes): End Bush tax cuts and support increased revenue; overturn 2/3 for revenue in CA; work to pass one CA proposition to tax the wealthy (such as Gov. Brown’s); more Worked for Prop 30; passed
5.    (tie) Health Care Reform (9 votes): defend Medicare and Social Security; support AB810: health care for all; health care for women; pro choice Single-payer bill became a 2-year bill early in the year
5.    (tie) Labor Reform (9 votes): Support minimum wage laws; support Wisconsin, Ohio and states opposing right-wing causes; support recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker; more Worked vs Prop 32; defeated
7. (tie) Marriage Equality (5 votes) Supreme Court decides in 2013
7. (tie) Greener Economy (5 votes): anaerobic digester for Palo Alto; sustainable infrastructure such as workable high-speed rail; fight Cargill’s expansion in Redwood City Green group monitored, spoke at city council meetings
9. Criminal Justice Reform (2 votes): abolish death penalty; reduce political influence of prison system; abolish 3 strikes law; support habeas corpus and oppose Patriot Act; more Worked for Props 34 (failed), 36 (passed)


  • DISCLOSE Act/Fair Elections: several members lobbied legislators and got signatures in support of the bill, participated in statewide summit in March locally
  • Local lawmakers: breakfast with Jim Beall March, also was speaker at Nov first-Wed meeting; Sally Lieber (ret.) speaker at Oct first-Wed meeting; club cosponsored fundraiser for Mike Honda Oct 2
  • Members hosted fundraisers: Dr. Ami Bera, CD3 candidate, raised ~$5000 total in April & December, cosponsored another event; Rep. Jerry McNerney, raised ~$6800 in July
  • Several members attended Menlo Park reception for Debra Bowen’s congressional campaign
  • County Party: Members helped plan annual Santa Clara County Democratic Party dinner (May 13); full-page ad, 2 tables; participated in monthly meetings, including club activity report
  • State Party: 9 members elected or appointed (plus 8 for whom we’re not primary club) to California Democratic Party at the January ADEMs participated in annual convention
  • April 16-18; Take Back Red CA dinner program ad
  • Measure E, Palo Alto: unanimous endorsement for; leadership roles; fundraiser netting $2600; 9 members gathered signatures; 11 members rang doorbells & leafletted at farmers markets; measure passed 2:1; three new members for the club
  • Measure D, Palo Alto: unanimous endorsement against
  • Well-attended meeting on the new districts with Dr Terry Christensen September 7
  • Cosponsored showing of The Mormon Proposition March 11 with LGBT groups
  • Changed online membership form from PayPal to ActBlue
  • Annual picnic & election of officers June 11; several electeds & their representatives attended
  • Other first-Wednesday meeting topics included how to elect club members to the state party; DISCLOSE Act info & discussion; fundraising how-to; Social Security info & discussion; holiday potluck & goal brainstorming for 2012

Club Goals for 2011 (votes are taken on a weighted system)

  1. (18 votes) Support campaign finance reform. Support the DISCLOSE Act. (These two goals were combined.) Members continued to be active in DISCLOSE campaign, getting signatures, hosting, participating in events
  2. (16 votes) Reform California’s property tax by providing more frequent assessment of commercial property (split roll) generating fair share revenue for police and fire, parks, libraries, and schools.
  3. (15 votes) Work to counter the communications from the Republican Party. Lobby the DNC to get out the progressive message. Oppose the Comcast-NBC merger. (These 3 goals were combined.)
  4. (12 votes) Overturn 2/3 majority in state legislature for revenue increases. Task force outreach, activity
  5. (11 votes) Be proactive in supporting the progressive agenda. Outreach to the Brown administration to advocate for a progressive agenda. (These 2 goals were combined.) Letter to Gov.Brown in April
  6. (10 votes) Support clean energy generation for residential and commercial buildings. Get involved in municipal and/or county efforts to do something about climate change, such as the Palo Alto dry anaerobic digester campaign and/or serving on Sunnyvale’s sustainability commission. Lobby the city of Palo Alto to facilitate and encourage increased use of solar energy. Support job creation through public financing methods for energy-efficient retrofitting. (These 4 goals were combined.) Measure E passed almost 2:1; substantial club involvement
  7. (9 votes) Have one joint fundraiser for San Mateo DFA and our club and one for our club.
    Raised $900 for club at our April first-Wed meeting
  8. (8 votes) Defend Social Security and maintain the social contract with seniors. July first-Wed meeting topic
  9. (8 votes) Establish a club budget. DONE
  10. (7) Work on single-payer health care at the state level, including outreach to increase citizen understanding of the issues. SB810 became a two-year bill; task force continued monitoring progress in state legislature



  • Endorsed Rich Gordon for 21st Assembly District in the primary: at least 10 members walked at least 22 precincts, phoned, fundraised (3 house parties, plus another in the general)
  • Endorsed Jeff Rosen for Santa Clara County District Attorney: at least 5 members walked, phoned; club-sponsored fundraiser
  • Endorsed John Laird for State Senate District 15; at least 13 members walked dozens of precincts, phoned hundreds of voters; club-sponsored fundraiser (raised about $2000); cosponsored event May 16 for John Laird (main sponsor West Valley for Change); club co-chair Melodi Masaniai led campaign in Morgan Hill full time, no pay, countless hours
  • Jerry McNerney: raised over $25,000 at three events (Alice Smith 2; Stephanie Grossman 1, with Gov. Howard Dean in person); several members walked at least 36 precincts, staffed office, phoned, got out the vote (crucial to his win), checked results (absentee ballots)
  • Endorsed Dr Ami Bera, congr.district 3, at least 7 members walked (at least 11 precincts), phoned, fundraised; club donation
  • Endorsed Margaret Abe-Koga & Ronit Bryant for Mountain View city council; members walked precincts
  • Endorsed Brian Schmidt for Santa Clara County Water District, district 7 (first-time candidate); house party, members walked at least 4 precincts; club donation; Brian won this race
  • Endorsed Barbara Boxer: cosponsored fundraiser, raised $1500; members walked, phoned, fundraised
  • Endorsed Debra Bowen for re-election; club donation
  • Worked for the Democratic ticket November 2: members phonebanked, walked, raised tens of thousands, got out the vote, checked absentee ballots for Kamala Harris
  • Furthermore:
    – (Members) helped plan annual Santa Clara County Democratic Party dinner (May 7); 2 tables
    – Participated in county Democratic party monthly meetings, including club activity report
    – 11 elected or appointed members of the California Democratic Party participated in annual convention April 16-18
    – First-Wednesday meeting topics: ballot propositions for June & November; clean energy & climate change, legislative aides led discussion; information on statewide down-ticket primary races; discussion of DFA & OFA national goals; November election wrap-up (winning candidate Brian Schmidt attended)

Club Goals for 2010 (votes are taken on a weighted system)

1 Support California government reform by initiative rather than constitutional convention, with its attendant risks, by supporting the following three initiatives in Nov. 2010: (30 votes)
a Ban the state legislature from taking local funds away from counties and cities by supporting the League of California Cities initiative. Done; Prop 22 passed. 
b Require the legislature to finance new programs with a revenue source, or a spending cut, or a tax increase by supporting the California Forward initiative.
c Allow the legislature to pass a budget with a simple majority by supporting the California Forward initiative; Done; Prop 25 passed. 
2 Support the re-election of Barbara Boxer and Debra Bowen. (29 votes) DONE! members worked hard for this
3 Support and adopt the campaign of Jerry McNerney for Congress in CD 10. (27 votes) DONE! members went above & beyond for this, including all-important GOTV, checking votes, close election
4 Elect a Democratic governor. (24 votes) DONE!
5 (tie) Support SB 810, single-payer health-care reform for California. (22 votes) moot; wil be reintroduced next year
5 (tie) Support activities of the Air Resources Board, the California Energy Commission, the Public Utilities Commission, and the state legislature, etc. to respond to the challenge of climate change. (22 votes) We beat back Prop23!
7 Support a candidate for the Santa Clara County DA race. (14 votes) DONE: worked, fundraised, helped elect Jeff Rosen
8 Support and adopt the campaign for the California Fair Elections Act on the June ballot as well as support public funding of elections at all levels. (11 votes) Two meetings were phonebanks; members leafletted, walked, phoned; will be reintroduced
9 (tie) Support the Lakoff initiative for a simple majority to pass a budget and taxes. (9 votes) moot, but will be reintroduced
9 (tie) Support the door-to-door campaign to change minds about Proposition 8. (9 votes) some activity



  • 11 members elected or appointed members of the California Democratic Party, January 10-11 (not counting 11 more who are also members of other clubs or are electeds); participation in annual convention April 24-26
  • knocked on doors & phonebanked to defeat the recall of Madison Nguyen
  • (members) helped plan annual Santa Clara County Democratic Party dinner(April 17); filled two tables
  • April 27 forum on May 19 ballot propositions with John Laird, hosted with Santa Clara County Democratic Club & Obama Democratic Club of Silicon Valley, & 7 cosponsoring organizations; attendance 90
  • club-sponsored party for Congressman Jerry McNerney, Saturday May 2, at Stephanie’s; raised about $2300
  • cosponsored healthcare forum with San Mateo County DFA Sat June 6
  • cosponsored Howard Dean appearance, fundraiser for DFA at home of members Jackman/ Strober July 3
  • annual garden party for Assemblyman Ira Ruskin annual cosponsorship Sun July 19
  • talk with Dr Burton Richter on energy, cosponsored with West Valley for Change (main) Nov 8
  • Debra Bowen house party at Stephanie’s Nov 7, highest fundraiser statewide (~$1000)
  • endorsed 4 Palo Alto & 3 Sunnyvale city council candidates, 4 coffees (4), 9 volunteers walked, phoned
  • first-Wednesday meeting topics:
    – new administration & state party delegate election discussion
    –  presentation on holding the Bush Administration accountable
    – CA budget process: panel with Jim Beall plus Ruskin & Simitian staffers (attendance 35)
    – single payer presentation
    – discussion & club vote on May 19 ballot propositions
    – overturn Prop 8: speaker, discussion, online signup
    – election reform/Clean Money presentation, signup for Passion Raiser
    – attended Eshoo healthcare public forum instead of meeting (supported anna vs rabid teapartiers!)
    – general discussion; signup for our endorsed candidates
    – election wrap-up (3 candidates attended)
    – holiday potluck & goal brainstorming for 2010

Club Goals for 2009 (votes are taken on a weighted system)

  1. Support efforts to prosecute the Bush administration. (35 votes)
  2. Support health care reform. (31 votes)
  3. Support legislation and a constitutional amendment to pass a budget with a simple majority vote. (28 votes)
  4. Support Clean Money/Fair Elections. (18 votes)
  5. Work toward overturning Proposition 8. (18 votes)
  6. Support Howard Dean in his next endeavor. (16 votes)
  7. Work on election reform: the right to vote is inalienable. There should be no need to register to vote. (13 votes)
  8. Expand club membership and strengthen the club. (12 votes)
  9. Look at how taxes are levied and spent throughout the state and reform the tax code to achieve fair tax policy. (12 votes)
  10. Support the Employee Free-Choice Act: if enough employees sign a card, a union automatically will exist. (9 votes)

Accomplishments in 2008

  • made dozens of visits to Jerry McNerney’s & Charlie Brown’s (our adopted candidates) districts to ring doorbells, June-Oct 2008; participated in every Day of Action for Jerry & Charlie’s campaigns; phonebanked; participated in Charlie’s recount; held major fundraisers raising about $11K for Charlie and several thousand for Jerry; total about 600 hours for Charlie & about 400 hours for Jerry
  • rang doorbells in other states for Obama; phonebanked; poll-watched in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and elsewhere for Obama on November 4; raised $1500 at a fundraiser
  • held a bake sale to raise money for phone cards for veterans (front page coverage in the Palo Alto Daily); contributed to this cause at our annual picnic and holiday meeting
  • participated in the local campaigns of endorsed candidates Richard Hobbs, Jamie McLeod, Ash Kalra, No on 8, other candidates
  • hosted convention watch parties 3 nights of the 4; debate watch parties
  • participated in annual all-clubs picnic & holiday party
  • held 12 program meetings, 10 working meetings, and our annual picnic
  • organized and staffed the DFA table at the state party convention
  • served as elected delegates to the California Democratic Party, representatives to the CDP Executive Board, and as officers of the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee
  • attended the DFA Training Academy in Berkeley
  • lobbied for Clean Money in Sacramento
  • lobbied for universal health care
  • registered hundreds of voters; members provided major voter reg leadership


Accomplishments in 2007

  • Even more members elected to CDP (11 in AD21) including two re-elected to e-board
  • Grassroots Summit in Oakland in January, which became Take Back Red California
  • Involvement in Charlie Brown’s campaign in CD4 including fundraiser Oct 21 at Alice’s, raising $4000, wildflower walk ($1500)
  • Involvement in Jerry’s re-election campaign: fundraiser Oct 7 at Stephanie’s with Zoe Lofgren
  • Clean Money campaign: endorsed AB583, lobbied
  • Grassroots Summit in November including TBRC
  • Endorsed SB840 universal health insurance
  • Phone cards to veterans
  • Filled 2 tables at the JJ dinner, 3 members participated in planning; member honored as Madge Overhouse volunteer of the year
  • Registered voters at San Jose Jazz Festival

Accomplishments in 2006

  • Deep involvement in the CD11 primary campaign, which Jerry McNerney won, and in his winning general election campaign; Jerry McNerney chosen DFA All-Star (sole winner nationally); DFA participation, including this club, was crucial to defeating 6-term incumbent Pombo & getting Jerry elected by a 6-point margin in a district with a 6-point Republican advantage
  • Club teeshirts
  • two members on county party e-board, one runs the north county precincting operation
  • members comprise half the DNC-initiated walk-your-own precinct effort & half the monthly contributors to the county party
  • filled 2 tables at the JJ dinner
  • staffed DFA table at the CDC convention in Santa Clara March 24-26
  • DNC watch party Jan 31
  • Clean Money campaign involvement, including lobbying in Sacramento
  • endorsements: Anna Eshoo, Mike Honda, and Zoe Lofgren for Congressional Districts 14, 15, and 16.  Joe Dunn for state controller; Stephanie hosted fundraiser), Cindy Chavez for San Jose mayor; Jim Beall AD24, Ira Ruskin AD21; Prop 89 Clean Money
  • Mainstreet Moms: Leave My Child Alone
  • Wildflower Walk for McNerney ($1500); fundraiser cosponsored by Peter Drekmeier August 20, raising $9000
  • registered voters at San Jose Jazz Festival
  • phone cards to veterans
  • members work with county registrar of voters on election protection

Accomplishments in 2005

  • members elected to CDP including two e-board reps, our chapter prepared a campaign guide
  • Dean for DNC chair
  • April 22 Lakoff event, 1100 attendees
  • Social Security action group: research and informational flyers
  • Heavy involvement in the special election (against Schwarzenegger initiatives) with other DFA groups statewide one member runs the north county precincting operation
  • Ira Ruskin fundraiser at Stephanie’s June 21
  • campaigning for Madison Nguyen, getting her the DFA national endorsement
  • McNerney fundraiser Sep 11 at the Wagners’
  • phone cards to veterans
  • filled 2 tables at the JJ dinner
  • members work with county registrar of voters on election protection
  • registered voters at San Jose Jazz Festival
  • wildflower walk for Jerry ($1500)

Accomplishments in 2004

  • Filled one & a half tables at the JJ dinner April
  • Adopted campaigns of Jamie McLeod, Nancy Pyle, McNerney, Boxer, Kerry
  • Also endorsed: Eshoo, Honda, Lofgren, others
  • Supported SEIU local 715 Palo Alto hourly workers including testimony, letters
  • Campaigned heavily for Ira Ruskin: Roots for Ruskin with San Mateo County DFA; fundraisers; members organized north county precincting, etc.
  • Several members traveled to FL, AZ, OH, elsewhere for Kerry GOTV
  • Involvement in McNerney cmpaign starting April: fundraiser July 25 raised $3K
  • Zoe Lofgren event for Howard Dean
  • Outfoxed showing, 300 people attended
  • Fahrenheit 911 premiere: organized voter registration, leafletting; this started the Mtn View movie theater VR effort
  • Farmer’s market tabling continues with members leading (Phil in Mtn View)
  • Phone cards to veterans
  • Members worked with county registrar of voters on election protection (Nov)