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The Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley is an alliance in Silicon Valley, California, dedicated to the issues brought forth by Gov. Howard Dean, M.D., and his message of progressive, positive change. We support health care for all; investment in children; equal rights under the law; fiscal responsibility; environmental protection; and a national security policy that makes America stronger by advancing progressive values. Check out our list of our accomplishments over the years. For our bylaws, see our Current Bylaws.

We are chartered by the California Democratic Council and the Santa Clara County Democratic Party.


Officers elected June 22, 2020

John Comiskey, Co-Chair
Emilie Gatfield, Co-Chair
Amy Wright, Treasurer
Mary Gill, Recording Secretary
Gerry Hunt, Corresponding Secretary
Karen Porter, Officer At-Large
Jackie Wheeler, Officer At-Large


The Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley grew out of Silicon Valley for Dean. When Gov. Dean ended his presidential campaign in 2004 and founded Democracy for America, we decided to stay together as the Dean grassroots and form a group loosely allied with DFA that would serve as a progressive, activist voice in the community.


Partnering with local and national candidates and like-minded organizations, including DFA, we lend our support to key issues and candidates, and maintain a focus on the future. Through community involvement and creative grassroots activism, we seek to reinvigorate the progressive voter base and transform the Democratic Party from within.

CONTACT: If you would like to get in touch with us, please email us at Our mailing address is PO Box 1083, Mountain View CA 94042.
Please feel free to attend any of our meetings!


FPPC# 1287517

FEC# C00498816