Michael Eggman Fundraiser

Michael Eggman Event Invite copyJoin us for an event in support of Michael Engman, candidate for California’s 10th Congressional District.

We are so fortunate that Michael made the decision to run again, this time in a Presidential election year. The Democratic votes are there in CD 10, and this is a district that should go red to blue. (43% Dem, 28% Rep, 24% DTS) If Trump is the Republican nominee, it should be much easier to turn out the Latino vote (the district is 41% Latino).

Jeff Denham, the Republican incumbent, voted for the TPA, against the Iran nuclear accord, for a stronger screening process for refugees from Syria and Iraq, for the government shutdown in 2013, for the resolution to sue President Obama, and basically against pretty much every issue we care about. Here is some rating information:

League of Conservation Voters: 10%
ACLU: 11%
US Chamber of Commerce: 92%

For the following right-wing groups, Denham gets 100%: Competitive Enterprise Institute, Center for Security Policy, National Right to Life Committee, Family Research Council.

Please come on the 17th and find out how we can help the campaign! No one will be turned away for lack of funds; volunteers will be needed to walk precincts or do other tasks. Michael will be a breath of fresh air and truly represent the people of CD 10.