Water in the Platform

dem2016-logoThe 2016 draft state party platform was posted today at http://www.cadem.org/our-party/standing-committees/body/2016-CADEM-DRAFT-PLATFORM.pdf. It contains the following text:

• Implement a comprehensive science-based water plan that includes managing each watershed (including groundwater) as a unified whole and upgrading the Delta levee system;
• Fully protect all water sources from contamination and guarantee sufficient water for the basic human needs of drinking and sanitation;
• Motivate efficient, sustainable, safe use of water and hold all users accountable for their consumption; implement and enforce regulations regarding groundwater use including full usage documentation; and,
• Ensure allocation and management of water to sustain ecosystems, fisheries, recreation, and endangered species.

Our club was involved in writing the text, negotiating with the platform committee, and soliciting support. The club passed a resolution in favor of the platform change submission.